The WebGL Computational Library

More resources

There are many websites and resources online to learn about server setup, fundamentals of HTML, JavaScript, GLSL programming and many more. This section is our pick which we found useful while we were developing our library. The list is by no means exhaustive. So, feel free to search for more resources over the web.

Computational WebGL Course at Georgia Tech


This is an online Special Course at Georgia Institute of Technology which is designed for graduate and undergraduate students who are interested to use GPU computing in their research.

The video lectures are posted online after the class and all the course materials and source codes are available through the GitHub repository.


w3schools is an awesome place to learn about HTML and JavaScript. The courses are in-depth with a ton of hands-on examples that you can try on your own to learn each topic.

We encourage you to follow through various HTML elements, attributes, and the canvas.

Regarding the JavaScript part, familiarity with JavaScript variables, scopes, conditionals, and objects and classes can help you utilize the library to the fullest.


There are a ton of material for learning at Mozilla.org.

Checkout their getting started page!

For a crash course on object oriented programming using JavaScript check this page!